“What Is That Thing?!”

This morning in the swamp I saw these two moorhens come strolling along on the edge of the water looking to pick at their usual breakfast of aquatic plants which they seem to find quite appealing. They quickly noticed however a large, somewhat unusual item floating there in the water. The moorhens paced about nervously for a few moments attempting to ascertain what this odd thing might be. But they must have concluded that it was nothing to be overly concerned about because they just as quickly went right back to their usual foraging.

Our pal Mr. Alligator was completely uninterested and ignored the moorhens the entire time. He obviously had more important things on his mind which no doubt included finding a comfy spot in the sun for his daily nap! 

Alligator and Moorhens

Alligator and Moorhens

Alligator and Moorhens

Alligator and Moorhens

Alligator and Moorhens

40 thoughts on ““What Is That Thing?!”

  1. Mr. Gator everytime seems much more symphatic to me 🙂 Look how peaceful their world… I can’t believe this. But if I were there in the water, I wonder what would be with Mr. Gator!
    Your photographs are amazing, so beautiful, so artistic, fascinated me again. Thank you dear Phil, love, nia

    • Well sure you have to love happy Mr. Gator! He is a great guy and lots of fun at parties! 😉 😀
      Thank you so much for all your very kind words Nia I greatly appreciate it.

  2. It never ceases to be an amazing experience, watching the interaction between species. The more I see, the more I want to! Thank you, Phil!

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