Not A Happy Morning

This morning we went over to the swamp because it was very windy here all day Sunday and we wanted to see if the floating island where a lot of the alligators live in and around had moved. Well…not only was the island blown across the swamp, it seemed to have broken into two or three segments and those were somewhat scattered in a near corner at one end of the swamp. We wondered how the alligators would be affected by suddenly having their home and territory completely changed. We soon found out. There were several gators cruising around in circles in what was now water, but used to be the site of where they would often spend their day napping and likely slept at night. Several of the larger ones were out and they did not look too pleased. At one point this big guy came cruising in to try to find a new spot where he could possibly nap in the sun.  He did not look happy at all.

It hard to tell size when they are in the water, so that’s why I included this third shot where he came climbing out to find a place in the weeds to lay down. Even though he turned away from me and you can mostly only see the back of his head, I think you can get an idea of how huge this guy is. It’s almost hard to tell what you are looking at. It looks like anything form a prehistoric T Rex head, to a large chuck of granite. This boy was big! 

Head Alligator of the Swamp

Head Alligator of the Swamp

Head Alligator of the Swamp

50 thoughts on “Not A Happy Morning

    • Hugeness is right! This was a big boy, and he did not look to be in a good mood.
      Warm towels are the cat magnet. I’m sure he will make you pay later for pulling a stunt like moving the towels.
      I don’t know what he will do but he will likely do it 4am when it’s least appreciated by you.

    • Oh yeah he was a good size boy for sure. Big and unhappy, not a great combo.
      The island is made of reed grass, assorted weeds, and bushes some quite large, plus regular 15-20 foot trees. Seeing all this you would not expect it to float and move but it does. The tress are apparently rooted in the floating bog itself and not to the floor of the swamp.

        • It broke up into 2-3 smaller pieces and most of that floated to one side corner of the swamp. It actually created an interesting new environment but there are a lot of trees and stuff in the way of clear views. Maybe some of it will float back to around where it was if the wind changes.

  1. As i said before … reptiles are not my favourite animals … But since i start reading your blog , you have make me interested of the Gators, and i enjoy your stunning photos !
    But i can´t really imagine how big they are …. // Maria

    • I didn’t even have to zoom in too far Emily, that big boy was right in front of me. I don’t think it knew I was there but in any case it could not care less about me.
      Yes, it will be interesting when they start moving about more especially as mating season approaches. We expect some action out on the walking paths as they work out territorial disputes and go search for food.

  2. Poor alligators. I find it incredible that an island can have trees, yet float – is this peculiar to swamps? What a picture of the alligator’s head! Very brave of you, Phil, especially as he was understandably hacked off!

    • The floating situation out there started almost exactly two years ago. We were used to how the whole scene looked for several years then one morning in late March 2011 we walked up and could not believe it. It’s funny because your brain does not want to process what your eyes are seeing because it seems like it makes no sense. First time I ever saw anything like this before.
      Glad you liked the big boy. He was ignoring me however which I’m sure is for the best. 🙂

    • Yes he is quite the big boy! I feel bad that their island home has broken up and moved location. Perhaps one day when the wind shifts it will all form nicely back together again.

    • No I know I sure would not be happy either. And the ones we saw floating around out there were very displeased I’m sure.
      This guy was practically right in front of me. But it ignored me completely.

    • The next time I see this guy I’ll ask him his age, well that is if he looks like he is in a good mood. And the way things have been going over at the swamp lately between their homes being blown around and our unseasonably cold temps, good moods are going to be few and far between I’m afraid. 🙂

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