Into The Light

During the past weekend I photographed this great blue heron as it left the darker side of the marsh pond and flew into a brighter section. The fishing will be better on the sunny side of the pond because the heron will find it much easier to spot the fish swimming around in the well lit area of the water.

This one is also entering into breeding plumage as it is starting to get the bright blue lores in front of it’s eyes which is a telltale sign.

GBH Flight

69 thoughts on “Into The Light

  1. Wonderful shot, Phil, as always. Yesterday, I stumbled across the term “lore” that you so cavalierly threw into your post. Who knew there was a special term for the area between a bird’s eye and bill? This past weekend I photographed a Great Egret in breeding plumage and noticed the area around its eyes was more brightly colored than I had ever seen (like that of your heron).

    • Thanks for checking out this photo Mike and glad you enjoyed the info as well. It is interesting when the egrets and herons come into breeding plumage. Terrific that you got your egret last weekend. They generally get the green around the eye as opposed to the blue of the GBH.
      I also photographed two cattle egrets this afternoon in breeding color.
      Here’s a recent post with an egret getting it’s green lores.

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