Out Early

Last week I was patrolling around one of the marsh ponds during the morning when I heard an unusual but familiar squawking sound coming from the trees. Suddenly this young black crowned night heron surprised me by flying out and across the pond. What was unusual and surprising is that, as their name implies, the night herons are much more likely to be active and flying at dusk then in morning. They normally spend their days relaxing in trees or among the marsh reeds. But this one apparently had an early appointment and needed to get a move on! 

Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron

38 thoughts on “Out Early

  1. Thanks for your informative text , i really learn a lot since i start following your blog .
    I love the way you captured this black crowned night heron and his beautiful plumage !
    // Maria

  2. Night herons are common in some parts of HK and they do loaf a lot. But if you get out early you can catch them flying off their roosts and they make nice images. The challenge is getting enough light for a decent quality shot. This is a tough shot to nail, Phil because you have little contrast between bird and background but you have some brighter highlights on the wing. Well done!

  3. This looks like a typical teenager, home late after a night on the tiles! First time I have heard of a night heron, Phil.

  4. Lucky duck! You live in such a great area for bird photography, with so many opportunities to get great shots. Love the sun shining through the wing in this one.

    I don’t think I’ve seen any Night Herons yet out here in Colorado. We had a few last year, but I was rather unskilled at bird photography at the time, and only got a couple shots. And, as you mentioned, they were usually out and about most after the sun set, so photographing them when they were particularly active would be a bit difficult.

    • That’s sure what it looked like to me as well and apparently from the way it busted out of the trees suddenly, it must have been running late. 🙂
      Glad you liked this Sylvia, thanks!

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