Elegant Visiter

For the past week or so there has been a Mute Swan hanging around in the marsh pond. At first we thought it might be injured and couldn’t fly but it seems to be in good shape and apparently likes the area and is happy to be picking at all the various vegetation found throughout the pond.

When we first arrived in the late afternoon I saw the swan floating in among the sparkling water which was created by the backlit sunshine. We then moved around to the other side to get some photos of the swan in more normal light. Two hours later, as we were leaving, I stopped to grab a shot with the swan silhouetted by the warm light of the now setting sun. 

Late Afternoon Swan

Late Afternoon Swan

Late Afternoon Swan

Late Afternoon Swan

Late Afternoon Swan

Swan at Sunset

61 thoughts on “Elegant Visiter

  1. Phil, I love all your pictures but I can’t find words to describe these – glorious just doesn’t cut it! If I am right, this beauty still appears to have traces of juvenile feathers, so could this be a young bird looking for its own territory?

    • Thank you Maggie I greatly appreciate your kind words!
      I do believe this is a juvie and could indeed be looking to stake out some territory and possibly attract a mate.

  2. Phil these are astonishing. Normally your pictures are of critters we’re not familiar with over here in the UK, but the mute swan is one of our ‘everyday’ and much-photographed birds. Still I haven’t seen many pictures of them that could hold a candle to these. You’re a talented man! Absolutely beautiful shots.

    • Thanks a million Lucy you are so kind!
      Yes I basically consider the swans a ‘backyard’ bird (and we have had them in out back yard) and don’t normally photograph them. But I figured since it was going to go through the trouble of coming to the marsh and competing with all the other usual residents I would give it some well deserved screen time. 🙂

  3. An answer for Chilbrook – our Queen does indeed technically own all mute swans in open water, under a law dating from the 12th century, when swans were a dish eaten by royalty. However, that right is only exercised on part of the river Thames, where there is an annual ceremony called Swan Upping, where all unmarked swans in the area are caught and ringed, before being released again. Hope this helps. Sorry for taking up time on your blog, Phil!

  4. Hey Phil,
    You’ve taken something quite common and made it exceptional! Very nice set of photos… as several others have already suggested. In my opinion, that last one is definitely “frame-worthy”. As always, thanks for sharing your talents with us all!
    Have a great weekend, Phil!
    Take care,

    • Thanks a million Mick I really appreciate you looking and commenting!
      Yes indeed I basically consider swans backyard birds but since this one was in the marsh I figured I would try for some different looks.

  5. Phil~
    Love the pictures of the swan. I see it when I cross the causeway to go to work in the giftshop. By studying your photos, I am learning all the different birds that love our park as much as we do!

  6. So, so beautiful … I hope that i sometime can get such stunning photos as you have of this mute Swan . They always come to a little lake near where i live … And then i usually visit them and their kids … // Maria

  7. Elegant is definitely the right word,Phil. Stunningly beautiful swan pics. Your photos just get better and better. I’m in awe. Love the one where the swan appears to be taking a nap. 🙂

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