I Knew He Was Up To Something!

Tuesday afternoon I spotted this alligator sitting quietly in the marsh pond. Oh sure, he looks all innocent and cute but I could tell by that look on his face he was up to something. Within moments he busts up out of the water with a blue crab. So that’s what the little sneak was doing! He very likely had his mouth open under water where we couldn’t see it, just waiting for some unfortunate fish or crab to float by and then snap! After he was done crunching poor crabby he settled back down into the water looking all pleased and satisfied with himself.

Alligator Catches Afternoon Crab

Alligator Catches Afternoon Crab

Alligator Catches Afternoon Crab

Alligator Catches Afternoon Crab

Alligator Catches Afternoon Crab

50 thoughts on “I Knew He Was Up To Something!

  1. He he he! I was wondering what happened to our Mr.Alligator, dear Phil. 🙂 You can’t believe (even myself too) I really began to love him… Of course behind this love there should be your amazing photography that I love him 🙂 And also I can imagine or guess the patient moments of waiting for all these poses… You are amazing and always you get best shots. What can I say more, welcome Mr. Alligator, it is better to eat fish and crabs instead of us.
    Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • Hi Nia, I am so happy that you enjoy the alligator photos and that you look forward to seeing them. I will have to let Mr. Alligator know that he has a friend. 🙂
      Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

    • I have kind of a running sound track going on in my head when I’m watching these guys that often includes dialogue as well. You have to talk for the animals. 🙂
      Thanks so much for looking!

  2. I am surprised he would bother with something so small. Maybe a whole plate of them but one crab? It will never keep a growing alligator going for long. That boy needs a square meal.

    • Funny you should mention that Jane. I had just arrived at the marsh and decided to set up on this guy as soon as I saw him; something about the way he looked. A couple minutes later two friends of mine showed up and asked why I was watching this gator. I said I thought he was about to come up with something and right after I said that he did. 🙂

  3. Until I began to follow you, Phil, I had never realised that alligators had different expressions! The alert expression in the first and the smile in the last are just great! One happy alligator!

    • They do have some unique expressions for sure. I watched one walk across a roadway last night and his expression was absolute casualness. Not a care in the world.
      Thanks for looking Maggie!

  4. Awesome shot! I love just watching the animal life around me…you never know what kind of activity might occur. I was a little surprised last December when a deer and a fairly large coyote crossed paths, quite close to each other…almost like friends. You just never know what you might see if you just sit and watch.

  5. Like some of your other commenters, I noticed the greens too – but does he actually eat those or did he spit them out?

    You would think the crabs would have more sense than to wander over into his territory!

    • Well they would mostly spit out the marsh weeds as they are certainly not vegetarians by any means. But if some gets swallowed well so be it. They are also not extremely discriminating either.
      Those poor crabs that lurk under a mat of pond grass thinking they are safe are in reality so screwed once the alligators start getting really hungry.

    • I think the alligators would almost always keep eating as long as there was any type of food available. Wild animals never know for sure where and when their next meal will come so best to always try to get full. One crab will not be enough. They keep working.

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