Ever Have The Feeling You Are Being Watched?

Yesterday evening some snowy egrets that were fishing in a shallow pool in the salt marsh had a bit of company. There was a young alligator also wishing to take advantage of some of the fish that may be trapped in the shallow water. I’m sure the snowys were aware of the gator, and the gator was watching the birds but…Mr. Gator was more interested in the fish and I saw him scoop up several. The little snowys kept their eyes open however, just in case the alligator got any ambitious ideas, but he remained well behaved. The only tense moments for the snowys were when the gator would submerge itself under water and then surface in a different location. What was somewhat amusing was when I saw a few snowys suddenly jump straight up into the air when the alligator came up near the bird. But the snowys never left the area, they just kept right on fishing! 

Snowy and Alligator Fishing

Snowy and Alligator Fishing

Snowy and Alligator Fishing

Snowy and Alligator Fishing

43 thoughts on “Ever Have The Feeling You Are Being Watched?

    • Oh those snowys are wacky, they are a bunch of fun though, and there is never a dull moment when they are around.
      Mr. Gator likes to liven things up as well. This alligator walked across the road later right in front of a car. The gators don’t care, they own the place. 🙂

    • The snowys are a lot smaller then some of the other waders like great blue herons, great egrets, and wood storks. But their sure make up for their smaller size in feistiness.
      Thanks so much for looking!

    • Those snowys are goofy, they often don’t seem to care at all what else is happening around them. But get a bald eagle flying overhead and the whole group will scatter in every direction.

    • Well I won’t go as far as to say the birds and the alligators are working together…but I often see birds purposely arrive in a shallow pool like that when they see an alligator is working there. I think the gators get the fish all stirred up and make it easier for the birds to get them. And the gators know where the birds like to fish so…

  1. These photos are amazing … The big Gator and the fragile Snowy in the same area … It makes me think of the beauty and the beast … But then i got to remind myself that i don´t see i don´t see Mr Gator as a beast any more 😉 … // Maria

    • It is very interesting to me as well to see these such different animals working together in the same close area. I often try to focus on exactly those types of scenarios.
      Thank you Maria.

  2. Amazing as ever. I notice the egret’s feather (back of the neck and chest part) raised, does it mean it’s in a fighting mode?!? Or maybe just the wind I guess 😉

    • The snowys often fluff themselves up for a variety of reasons. It could be a fighting look or just trying to make themselves look bigger. But I sometimes see them acting like that with no idea why. 🙂

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