This Guy Was Good But…

Yesterday afternoon I was watching this great blue heron fishing in the salt marsh and he was quite skilled at catching fish, I saw him catch several in a short period of time.

But…he kept turning his back to me whenever he caught a  fish. He was fine with me being there and photographing his success, however he did not seem to wish to show off his catch to me. Maybe he thought I was going to try to take it from him and wanted to gulp it down as quickly as possible while facing away from me. My plan in any case was to let him keep whatever he caught! 

GBH Fishing in the Salt Marsh

47 thoughts on “This Guy Was Good But…

  1. Maybe he thought you want to steal him half? This is quite simple: He just didn’t want to share! 😉

  2. I think you are probably right about his not wanting to lose the fish to you and I also think your plan was well founded. That’s a pretty sharp point on his fish skewer. Is that red a little bit of a previous meal deposited during a preen on his left side there?

    • Thank you Amy, glad you liked this shot! He was probably just being fussy that day, he will likely be right back to proudly showing off his catch to me soon. 🙂

  3. Great shot. I bet he was being territorial about his catch. I heard somewhere recently (tuning thru tv channels) that the GBH eats fish as large as its head. Hope I heard that right. I don’t know if they were including the … bill (is that correct?)? This fish does look pretty big for a skinny mouth!

  4. Hey, I don’t like people watching me while I eat either!
    good thing my birds don’t know what an easy life yours have. My seem to only catch little fish—your grab the big guys!! And then they won’t even share with you??? You need to teach them better manners!

    • Some of these guys definitely need not only better manners but they also need to be more photographer friendly.
      There are times when I strongly suspect that my getting good shots is not their primary concern in life. 😯 Can you imagine that?!?
      Thanks for looking Larry!

  5. I love the colors of photography. I love the fact that the fish gives reflection. The bird … Everything is there! Everything is great!

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