The Only Thing Worse Then A Tease Is A Showoff!

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon being tormented by this osprey. It kept doing slow circles over the salt marsh apparently searching for a fish to swoop down and grab. At times it would stop and hover in mid air which is a sign the bird has spotted a fish, and then it will go into a steep dive to snatch up and pluck out the fish. This was the photo I wanted and waited for quite awhile hoping to get. But this osprey kept decoying me by hovering and then diving down right in front of me…but it would always pull up at the last instant before striking the water and then it would start the process all over again. Keep in mind there were fish visible, even to us, jumping in the water all over the place. But did this osprey ever catch one?! No it did not. It would go right back to circling around over the marsh and then fly off only to reappear in ten minutes or so and do it again. I began to take it personally and had the feeling this smug osprey was deliberately toying with me! At one point it went into an effortlessly looking ascent that must have taken it a quarter of a mile up in a matter of seconds, only to swoop back down and fly in and look at me with that face and taunting look as if to say…”Can you do that?”  Of course I can’t…and this bird knew it! 

Osprey Flight

48 thoughts on “The Only Thing Worse Then A Tease Is A Showoff!

  1. What an expression! What a magnificent bird! I guess they’re all used to you down there in the mash now Phil. This guy was clearly having some fun with you. It may not have been the shot you wanted by but it’s a superb shot nonetheless!

    • This guy certainly seemed to be playing with me and I honestly do think birds like these will do things for their own amusement and entertainment simply because they can. 🙂

    • I think even more then a sense of humor they can be sarcastic and ironic at times but it makes sense in a way…how else would they entertain themselves?! 🙂
      Thanks Maggie!

  2. >>> ”Can you do that?” Of course I can’t…and this bird knew it! <<< *gg

    Such a naughty beast! What does he think, who he is? 😉 But the photo is fantastic! ▲

  3. Toying with you, eh, Phil, while it played in the thermals? Perhaps you didn’t capture it ‘attack mode’, but this is a terrific shot of this bird in full majesty. What does it have curled up in its left foot?

    • Yes he was, that bird had some nerve. ;-( But I’m glad you like this flight photo.
      I don’t believe he has anything in that left talon, it’s just curled up. Not sure why it looks like he has one toe out on the other one though.

    • Oh I know what you mean and good observation. This osprey was in pretty nice shape too, I often see birds like this with all kinds of jagged and missing feathers.

  4. Stunning! I love all birds of prey. Along with wolves and sharks. Eek. This capture has beautiful symmetry.

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