Sunset Baby

Last night we went over to the marsh pond to check out the sunset and to potentially make a time lapse video. Right after I set up the for the video I saw this baby alligator (we call any alligator under 5 feet a “baby”) right in the middle of the reflected golden sunlight. You can see how it made a little path through the pond weeds and vegetation as it traveled. As we were enjoying the sunset we could also see and hear the occasional alligator make a splash as it jumped at fish in the pond. It was a very pleasant time watching many of the birds heading back for their night roost, and seeing the night herons and hearing them bark at each other as they headed off in the opposite direction to begin their evening. 

Sunset Baby

33 thoughts on “Sunset Baby

  1. Wow, the color in this is spectacular. What a pretty baby, too. You can see the smaller head, and suggestion of a smaller body.

  2. What a lovely, peaceful scene! The light in your sunsets is incredible! I think we are so privileged to feel a part of the natural world like this. Thank you, Phil.

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