Late Morning Flight

On a recent morning I saw this great egret fly across the marsh pond but right against the trees. The strong upper back and side lighting along with the exposure combined to make the background go black while parts of the bird’s face and wings were highlighted. He was also having a bit of a squawk as he flew…which made his tongue stand out with that lighting! 

Egret Flight

Egret Flight

Egret Flight

56 thoughts on “Late Morning Flight

  1. Amazing captures, Phil I never thought of them as having tongues, but now you’ve proved that they do. 😆 That plumage is so white, it’s almost like angel wings.

  2. I suspect most people don’t appreciate how difficult these birds are to expose correctly. These are excellent technically as we’ll as aesthetically. Congratulations.

    • Thank you very much for pointing that out about the exposure Andrew. I work hard to try to get it right, or at least passable and I greatly appreciate your kind comments!

  3. Beautiful shots, Phil! I especially love that first one…the light shining through the wings is amazing. Love the light bird contrasted against the dark background, too.

  4. These are beautiful, Phil. Great lighting and the black background works so well. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a shot with an egret’s tongue showing… now that’s a bonus!

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