Big Catch For Little Guy

For the past several days I noticed a young alligator lurking at the edge of the marsh pond in the same spot almost every time. It’s only about a four footer and I figured it was just trying to stay out of the way of the big guys. The wading birds paid almost no attention to the youngster as they went about their business trying to pluck fish from the pond. Yesterday evening the little guy was there once again in his usual location when I suddenly heard a splashing sound. I looked over and saw our young friend bust up out of the water with a really good size blue crab! The gator quickly crunched it’s catch and gulped it down. He seemed so satisfied and pleased with himself at the end. But he is doing the right thing because if he ever wants to grow up to be a big boy he has to be able to hunt for food like the big boys! 

Small Alligator Catches Big Crab

Small Alligator Catches Big Crab

Small Alligator Catches Big Crab

Small Alligator Catches Big Crab

Small Alligator Catches Big Crab

Small Alligator Catches Big Crab

54 thoughts on “Big Catch For Little Guy

  1. So he must be in salt water if he’s got a blue crab? We had one swimming around our channel once but it’s not often you hear of them in salt water. Great catch with that mouth wide open. He looks pleased with himself.

    • Well this was in the marsh pond so it’s technically brackish water but it’s next to the salt marsh so salt water species do get into the pond. I have seen alligators and GBHs pull flounder out of the pond. The gators will also occasionally walk over to the salt marsh to feed. They don’t live there but they will visit.

  2. Fun sequence. Glimpses of things to come, when the little guy gets huge and even scarier. He’s scary now!

    • He had only been laying in the water at the edge of the pond being very still so I was more then a little surprised when he suddenly busted up out of there with this large crab!

  3. That was one heck of a mouthful but I should think those teeth would make pretty short work of that thick shell!

        • I actually tend to handhold probably 90% of my shots including all BIF (birds in flight) and most other action. I have a tripod but I use it mostly as a place to keep the camera when I’m not using it. But it does come in handy for slow shutter speed stuff and wildlife that is not really moving around much.
          Are you shooting Canon? If you have the 400 2.8 the 1.4 would work nicely, not too good on the 400 5.6 though.

  4. Wonderful new additions!
    Hope both you and Alyce are doing fine!
    Shall be a regular visitor again after exam season!

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