“I Got One!!”

Yesterday evening just prior to sunset we were watching this black skimmer working the salt marsh doing his thing skimming in and around the reeds in hopes of coming up with a fish. The black skimmers are one of the only birds whose lower portion of it’s mouth is longer then the upper portion, and they use that extended lower section to ‘skim’ the water as their feeding technique. This one last night was super fast, swooping and darting about like a fighter jet on a mission. During one pass it was successful and snagged itself a small fish which it  swallowed during mid air flight. It never fails to amaze me that they ever catch a fish as this method appears rather random, but catch fish they do and it’s exciting to see every time!

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of “Marsh Skimmer”…I’ll post more later this week!

Black Skimmer Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Black Skimmer Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Black Skimmer Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Black Skimmer Fishing in the Salt Marsh

68 thoughts on ““I Got One!!”

    • I did get juuuust a bit excited out there last night when this skimmer appeared out of nowhere and decided to put on a show for us. I got lot more pics too. Thanks for checking these out!

    • The next few evenings will be golden time out there. It’s when low tide in the salt marsh occurs in early evening when the light is the best and because low tide often brings out the action.

  1. The way you use the light and the reflections in these pictures are just beautiful, Phil! What a lovely start to my day!

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