A Tale Of Two Ibis

I was happy to see a pair of juvenile white ibis feeding in the salt marsh at low tide yesterday evening. The ibis are always entertaining and amusing to watch as they confidently march about the area frequently stopping to pick around in and among the oyster beds with their long curved bills. The ibis typically feed on minnows, glass shrimp and small marine crustaceans such as these crabs. These are juvenile white ibis which you can tell by their brown and white mottled plumage, as they age they will turn into all white adults with bright blue eyes. These youngsters eyes are just starting to turn from brown into that blue.

Of course many of you are wondering if there were any alligators out last night. Yes indeed there were and I came very close to stepping on one’s nose. But that’s a story for another day! 

Juvenile Ibis Fishing

Juvenile Ibis Fishing

Juvenile Ibis Fishing

Juvenile Ibis Fishing

Juvenile Ibis Fishing

Juvenile Ibis Fishing

Juvenile Ibis Fishing

Juvenile Ibis Fishing

31 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Ibis

    • Although they are sort of goofy birds I think they are very cute and I often find my self enjoying their antics.
      They don’t swim in the water, they are waders and only get the mud off by doing more of what they do which is walking and feeding in water. They do indeed fly all covered with mud. After a brief time of watching these two last night they just suddenly took off flying and that was that. 🙂

  1. Yes, I was wondering if any alligator were about! Have learned a great deal about various wildlife since following your blog. I can see ibis have that long curved bill for a reason. Really like the last photo in this series.

  2. Yet another story for another day? Hey, I have to wait forever! 😉

    The Ibis is a beautiful bird and you have brought great photos! ▲

  3. Reminds me of my years in Florida…Ibis could often be spotted in large groups in our neighbor’s yard. Don’t know what they enjoyed but they never came in ours.

  4. My first look at juvenile ibis. Similar to swans, in their change of plumage colour? Mucky but lovely! You had a close shave there, Phil – you do not want to upset an alligator!

    • Yes, these would be similar to the swans in terms of color change as they age. They are really at hom ein the muck and mud for sure.
      Nothing about stepping on an alligator is good I’m thinking. 🙂

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