A Visit To The Seafood Buffet

Yesterday evening I was watching this alligator that had gone over into the salt marsh in search of a meal. The alligators don’t live in salt water but they will visit on occasion if they get  bored with the usual menu items available in the pond and swamp. The only thing I have never figured out was how do they know when it’s low tide in the salt marsh?

In any case, this guy must have had a craving for some fresh blue crab because he spent a good amount of time stalking around in there and did successfully find himself a few. He sure looks very satisfied and pleased with himself in that last photo, so clearly he was very happy with his evening dining choice!

He must have still been rather hungry though, because by the time I left it was dark and he was still sloshing around trying to stir up desert! 

Alligator Crabbing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Crabbing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Crabbing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Crabbing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Crabbing in Salt Marsh

Alligator Crabbing in Salt Marsh

57 thoughts on “A Visit To The Seafood Buffet

  1. The last one is the first of your gator photos that’s actually made me smile! And thanks for the excellent shot of the blue crab in the gator’s mouth – I’ve never actually seen a blue crab before!!

  2. Wonderful detail on the inside of an alligators mouth as well as his dinner!! Wanted to send a quick word of thanks for helping me to entertain my parents with some of your pictures when I visited them last weekend. They really enjoyed the view and seeing the birds and alligators food getting. Of course we all felt sorry for those little fish faces captured by the herons!! 🙂

    • Well thanks much for the kind words Judy and I’m happy everyone enjoyed the photos!
      Yes we sometimes do feel bad for all the poor little fish and crabs, but so it goes in nature.

    • It’s funny you should mention that…at one time I had thoughts of getting one of those RC helicopters with a downward facing camera and send it out over an alligator for pics. But it would probably crash and he would probably eat it so I gave up the idea. 🙂

  3. Mr. Alligator, you can’t believe but I love you, again you have been captured so nicely… so nicely. This is great. Thank you for dear Phil, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  4. Getting quite an appreciation for these creatures. They definitely have their own beauty — and you capture it so well. Can’t believe you are around them so much. He looks so happy in the last photo. What a smile!

    • I’m happy to hear you are gaining an appreciation for these amazing creatures. They do a lot more then most people think and they are not simply savage predators that will attack anything that moves. They are often quite docile and prefer not to interact with people which for them is a smart choice.
      He does look quite pleased in that last photo doesn’t he?!

  5. Now that’s a snack. Great pix. Good question: how do they know?
    Roughseas linked me over – recent floods have washed river gators downstream into the gulf – so a few have been swimming up to the beach.
    Enjoyed touring your blog

    • Thanks much for checking out these photos and commenting I greatly appreciate it!
      We recently had one take a casual stroll onto a nearby beach here. It was likely a smaller alligator that was sent off by a larger one due to mating season.
      Glad you enjoy the photos and stories here! 🙂

  6. unlike the fish which are still alive when they go down I wonder if the crabs are or do they die once their shell is crunched?

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