Test Post…

Just using this late evening flight shot of an egret from this past weekend as a test. Starting yesterday my new blog posts were not showing up in WP Readers and no one was getting email or other notifications.

Testing to see if this situation continues today… 

Late Evening Egret Flight

71 thoughts on “Test Post…

  1. Phil: I’ve been getting your emails and posts for over a year. Just wonderful and so glad I wasn’t in the group that wasn’t getting them. I love forward to seeing them every day and miss them when they aren’t there. You are a wonderful photographer and I love your comments on each photo group. KEEP IT UP!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m afraid there are other blogger’s posts I’m not seeing in my reader and I always just think they stopped posting but that may not at all be the case. 😕

  2. I also have the problem. I see almost no other contributions and my own and do not appear in the reader
    Ich habe auch das Problem. Ich sehe fast keine anderen Beiträge und meine eigenenen erscheinen auch nicht im Reader.
    Liebe Grüße

    • Glad you like the photo but wait! You heard music?! You shouldn’t have, I didn’t add any music to this. But oddly I had a problem here about a week ago with music playing in my reader. 😕

  3. Beautiful photo of the egret.

    The Reader, every once in awhile, has a serious case of hiccups. Not so bad much of the time. I just follow my pattern of reading around, and not relying too much on it.

  4. I don’t think I’ve missed any emails (though how to tell?), but I’ve never liked using Reader, so no idea there. The problem with leaving WordPress for something else is finding another blog that’s equally as good or better. Though I’ll admit to being annoyed with some of their glitches. (caused by getting too big for their britches 🙂 )

    Great shot, though, and I would hate to think of missing any of yours.

    • Yes I think this may have been a temporary glitch but I knew something odd had happened. I’ve had more then a few somewhat unusual events happen here in WP including mystery music last week, but nothing has caused me to consider abandoning the site.

  5. It works! I had a similar problem, but it was tied to changing my user name to bring it into line with my blog title. If by any chance you’ve changed your user name, some photos may still show a URL with your old name….. Came to this post via reader. Worked fine.

    Enough of that though. This is an absolutely beautiful photograph. The feet and the wings…lovely. As are his little focused eyes.

    • Thanks glad to know this one showed up! I didn’t change anything so I’m just going to figure this was a temporary glitch that is now straightened out.
      Glad you enjoyed the egret flight pic!

  6. I don’t think I missed any. Either way I got this one. It would be a sad day without seeing some of my southern friends.

  7. As David said, I tend to read around. This did come up in Reader, but I’ve just seen a post from another blogger who has done the same thing, thinking her post hadn’t come up either. WordPress for you.

    I’m not online all the time, but when I’m back on, I check through regular commenters (they get priority, yes, I’m biased!) and I figure if they have commented on mine they may well have posted.

    It happens to us all. I wouldn’t worry. People will come and look for you 🙂 I looked for another photoblogger today to check I hadn’t missed anything but he hasn’t posted for more than six months. People come and go. If you let them know you are around, they will visit you in spite of WP 😀

    • Yes I’m going to assume this was just a temporary glitch and has now been sorted.
      I’m worried now that some blogs I used to follow regularly I don’t see new posts from anymore and just figured they had stopped posting but now I wonder.
      Well I really appreciate you checking in and commenting, thanks!

  8. This situation can’t continues today, because you are back here in my WP Reader! And that’s nice to know! 😛

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