Resourseful Anhinga

This morning started out with heavy rain but during a break between showers, we decided to go check out the marsh and see if anything was happening. There were quite a few alligators out swimming around which we expected. They always seem to like coming out after a rain for a swim in the nice fresh water. We also saw several anhingas flying around and I hoped one or two might drop in for some morning fishing which can be exciting and entertaining. The anhingas wisely prefer to pick out a spot in the pond to fish that is free of gators. I know just the corner that they like and sure enough one hopped in to start fishing. We saw it catch a few fish, including this one, so it was a successful morning for the resourceful anhinga! 

Anhinga Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Anhinga Fishing in the Marsh Pond

53 thoughts on “Resourseful Anhinga

        • Oh absolutely. But here’s the good part…some day (it will happen) you will be out with friends at maybe a park or seashore area and this crazy looking bird with a long neck and fanned out tail feathers will pop up out of the water with a fish. All your friends will ask…’what the heck is that thing?!’ Only they won’t say “heck”.
          And you will casually reply (with a look on your face like Duh, doesn’t everybody know that?) ‘Oh that’s an anhinga, otherwise known as a water turkey.’ And your friends will blink at you with amazement like you just won Jeopardy for the third straight night.

    • So glad you enjoyed these photos Sylvia! This one was quite good at catching fish, it helped there were no alligators in the immediate area to make the bird nervous.

    • That’s why I was happy to get kind of straight on shots of this one, so that the tail feathers were visible behind it.
      The anhinga would be more closely related to a cormorant as they have similar fishing styles and are both water birds that need to dry off after fishing.
      But the anhinga is technically in a bird family all it’s own.

    • Yes that fish went down quite nicely although earlier it caught a fish that got stuck in it’s throat for a while. Looked very uncomfortable to say the least. I think that fish went down sideways rather then head first.
      They fish by swimming completely under the water, but when they come up with a fish you can see those tail feathers fan out.

    • Thank you, yes I was glad it surfaced with the fish facing me like that so I could see it’s tail feathers fanned out. So often I see shots of anhingas and cormorants showing only the backs of their heads since they face away from me mostly.

    • It never fails to amaze me how some of these birds that look like they have such skinny necks can get down fish so quickly.
      Thanks a bunch for your very kind comments and I’m glad you enjoy the bird photos!

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