Time Lapse At The Salt Marsh

Here is a 51 second time lapse video I took today looking over the salt marsh as the leftover storm clouds blew by giving way to a sunny day with bright blue skies. 

30 thoughts on “Time Lapse At The Salt Marsh

  1. Phil – you are truly a master of surprises! From crocs to clouds that are in their own right, graceful. Thank you for the magic that you share with us all!
    Best regards to you and yours- Judi

    • I am so happy you enjoy the time lapse video and the wildlife photos Judi and I appreciate your kind comments!
      See my post for today in which you will see who showed up just a bit too late to make the video. 🙂

    • This was the tail end of the tropical storm passing by which later turned into a beautiful evening. Although this area of the marsh is usually quite active with birds the tide came in too slow and the egrets and storks came in a bit later.
      If you look at today’s post you will also see who else showed up after I stopped the video.

    • Thanks Adrian. I’m still not very happy with any of the video hosting sites I have tried. By the time they process it to appear on the site it doesn’t end up looking as good as my original video file.

  2. Very impressive! 🙂 Sometimes when I’m in the marshes observing the clouds, they’re moving so fast as if they’re chasing each other.

    • Thanks! This one was 1225 images, one taken every five seconds for a little over an hour and a half. I don’t normally run them that long, 700 photos gets me about a 30 second video and that’s usually good enough. I was just waiting for the extremely slow tide to come in.

    • Sylvia, this was the tail end of the same tropical storm that hammered Florida earlier. It dumped a bunch of rain on us but cleared by quite nicely by early evening. 🙂
      Glad you liked the TL vid!

  3. I had to watch it twice… once for the clouds and then to check for alligators (didn’t spot any, but did see a white bird toward the end!) Impressive time lapse.

    • Yeah no alligators and one lone egret showed up at the end. That was because the tide was moving *extremely* slowly and no water meant no wildlife. A bunch of storks showed up later.
      However if you look at today’s post you will see who showed up soon after I stopped the TL. 🙂

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