Spear Fishing

There were a few anhingas out in the marsh pond this morning, doing their usual routine of spearing fish on the end of their sharp bill, and then flipping the fish in mid air for a head first swallow. I thought it might be interesting to show birds with a speared fish, and then one doing the patented “Anhinga Fish Flip”! 

Anhinga Spear Fishing

Anhinga Spear Fishing

Anhinga Spear Fishing

Anhinga Spear Fishing

Anhinga Spear Fishing

Anhinga Spear Fishing

58 thoughts on “Spear Fishing

  1. Wow, they certainly are quite talented! Great shots!
    As many times as I’ve been to the bird refuge, I have yet to see a bird, preferably a great blue heron, catch a fish.

  2. These anhingas are certainly very efficient and clever with their beaks. I once tried to toss a pancake and it ended up on the floor. Your photos are amazing in their detail, even down to the terrified look in that hapless fish’s eye. 😯

  3. The close-ups are so cool. I’m impressed every time I visit! These birds are amazing (as are your photographs).

  4. Your watching birds with your camera and your amazing photographs make me to live these exciting moments… I can die for these moments… Because I love to watch them too, Thank you dear Phil, love, nia

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