Pulling A Trailer

This morning a great egret flew by above the marsh pond looking like he is about to lose one of his long tail feathers. But for now the feather is still attached and trailing behind the bird! 

Egret Pulling Trailer

44 thoughts on “Pulling A Trailer

  1. It does not look like a regular feather so I guess it is one of its ornamental aigrettes. They shed those once chicks appear in the nest even though it must be early season still there for your great egrets! The lore is not very green though.

    • Some egrets still have chicks in the nest in our area here, but not all egrets nest and acquire breeding plumage and green lores. I would say a good 80% of the egrets and herons we see during the Spring are not in breeding colors.

  2. The trailing feather is cool, but what struck me this time around was the way they tuck their long necks unlike the cormorants who appear to be more streamlined. I wonder which is more aerodynamic.

    • The egrets really do fold up their long necks for flight. The blue herons often fly with the necks straight out.
      Cormorants seem like they are lucky to get airborne half the time, they are not the most graceful of birds.

  3. Such a delicate tracery against the blue of the sky. The egret looks quite prehistoric in flight, like the heron, doesn’t it?

    • Yes Maggie the egrets and herons are similar and I think the great blues are even more prehistoric looking in flight then the egrets. Wood storks same thing.
      Thanks for looking!

    • When I saw this egret approaching something did not look quite right. Glad I thought to take some pics because often I just look then think later…why didn’t I grab some shots?! 🙂

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