Skimmers Working The Marsh

Earlier this week I saw these two black skimmers show up and do one fast pass across the marsh then that was it, as quickly as they arrived, they were gone. However I am always thrilled to see these amazing birds in action, even if it’s only for a quick visit on the way to their next location…

Black Skimmers Working the Marsh

Black Skimmers Working the Marsh

Black Skimmers Working the Marsh

34 thoughts on “Skimmers Working The Marsh

    • That’s really funny, recently I opened up a post with a similar title by someone in a photo forum and expected to see birds and I got butterflies. I think “skippers” are butterflies. 🙂 Don’t remember if I read it wrong or if they wrote it wrong.
      Thanks though Steve I appreciate you checking these out and glad you like ’em!

    • They do seem to have a particularly strong work ethic.
      They also bark like puppies to each other; which is a totally unrelated bit of information. 😀
      Thanks Sylvia I’m happy you like the skimmer pics!

  1. There’s a section of beach on the Gulf side of the JFK Causeway in Corpus Christi that’s a nesting site for skimmers. Their numbers are decreasing here dramatically, mostly because of disturbances by humans. “Their” beach is right under the turnaround, surrounded by bait shops, etc. They’re working hard to teach people to leave the poor birds alone, for gosh sakes. It’s just the presence of humans that’s the problem – I’m not aware of any truly bad behavior toward the birds. But it’s a problem.

    It’s sad, because they’re one of the most wonderful species we have. They’re rarely around here, but every time I have the chance to see them, it’s a thrill.

    By the way, I’m trying to get caught up with my blog housekeeping – I’m adding your blog as a link in the sidebar this afternoon. It’s so wonderful I want everyone to come and look!

    • We have had problems here with some birds being ‘loved to death’. There was a great horned owl nest and photographers and bird watches were so intrusive that the parents abandoned the nest and one of the babies was found dead and the other disappeared. Very sad.
      Well I appreciate you looking and commenting thanks very much!

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