Just A Quick Morning Walk

This morning we saw our old pal Mr. Gator come walking out of the brush along side the far edge of the marsh pond. He was on his way to the swamp which is only a brief walk across a path that separates the two areas. Apparently his plan was to spend the day relaxing in the swamp after an active night doing who knows what!

The video was taken with an iPhone set up at a low angle while I took the still photo with my regular camera. 

Alligator Walking Into Swamp

44 thoughts on “Just A Quick Morning Walk

  1. Such a determined “I’m going and don’t anybody try to stop me” kind of a walk! Love the green makeup!

    • That’s exactly how they are Maggie. They want to get from one place to the other, that’s all they want to do and there is not much that can change their minds.
      That green look is all the rage in Paris these days! 😀

    • I placed the iphone on a mini tripod on the ground in front of where I figured he would walk and then I moved back to grab a few still shots while the video ran.
      Thanks for checking these out!

    • I was just glad he did not suddenly get real curious about the iphone which was on a mini tripod on the ground in front of him. I would hate to have to fight him for it if he decided it was just the perfect accessory for his swamp home. 😯
      They (usually) just continue on in a straight line. 🙂

        • Heh heh well I’m very glad you enjoyed the photo and the video of our pal here Tricia! Yes that would have been a fun one to try to explain to insurance what happened to the phone if he would have snatched it up and walked off with it. Plus it was my wife’s phone. 😯 🙂
          But I suppose we could have tried calling it later to see if he answered.

  2. Such a treat with my morning coffee….. I’ll have to see if I can find me some of that green…. it’s a popular color out here, too. 😀

    • Thanks, so glad you liked these!
      That’s just duckweed he picked up by slogging through it on his way up out of the marsh pond. He will likely wash it off in the swamp then promptly go get all covered over with it again. 🙂

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