One Year Anniversary

I have recently reached the one year anniversary of my wildlife photo blog here on Word Press. When I started this back in June 2012 I had no idea if anyone would ever look at it. Now, one year later, I am thrilled to have so many wonderful folks checking in to view my photos and write such kind, thoughtful comments. I greatly appreciate all the interest and support you all have shown me over this these past 12 months, and I value each and every one of you tremendously. Every time I head out to watch and photograph the various wildlife in our area I always think of you folks and try to come back with some pictures and maybe a story that hopefully everyone will enjoy. So often you tell me that you do, and that really keeps me going back out there and adds to the pleasure I feel from being in nature.

For today’s post I went back over the past year and pulled out a few of my favorite photos and, I hope, some of yours as well. These are presented starting with the earliest posts first, leading up to the most recent. Some of these you may remember and some of you may be seeing them for the very first time. Either way I hope you enjoy these and I once again thank you for being there for me!


Gator vs Croc

Gator vs Croc

Seeing Eye To Eye

Anhinga With Fish

Spoonbill Picks Up Alligator Tail

Spoonbill Picks Up Alligator Tail

GBH Sunset Silhouette

Great Blue Heron At Sunset

Alligator With Butterfly Ray

Alligator With Butterfly Ray

Osprey Shaking Off

Osprey Shaking Off Water

Eagle Chasing Osprey

Eagle Chasing Osprey

Bald Eagle Fishing in the Marsh

Bald Eagle Fishing In The Marsh

Egret Battle in the Marsh

Great Egret Mid Air Battle

Bald Eagles Canoodling

Bald Eagles Canoodling

Pelican Bathing

Brown Pelican Bathing

Swallow-tailed  Kite With Snake

Swallow-tailed Kite With Snake

121 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Congrats Phil on your anniversary! You have a great ability to share great stories as well as pictures from your nature trips. Keep up the great work!

  2. Happy! Happy! Happy! One year anniversary! I am so glad to know you and check in on your photos that remind me that there are other cute creatures out there aside from Ted (don’t tell him that). You amaze, my friend!

    • Well they don’t get much cuter then the Ted man but I won’t tell the alligators that, they are generally quite (overly) impressed with themselves.
      Thanks very much for the greetings and glad you enjoy the pics and stuff!

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