Mr. Alligator’s Morning

Yesterday morning started off quietly enough for our pal Mr. Alligator. He was all settled in on a nice relaxing spot for a pleasant nap and didn’t even mind sharing the space with a cormorant. After the cormorant left though was when the morning started to unravel for our gator friend. Some other alligator had the nerve to purposely do an in your face swim by Mr. Gator’s nap area. This caused our boy to wake up and turn around which was a lot more effort then he had planned for his morning I’m sure. He also felt the need to dramatically show his displeasure at the unauthorized appearance by the intruder. Under normal circumstances, this would have required an active response, which would have included a chase and a stern warning. But as I said…all that would have been a huge effort for Mr. Gator who really just wanted a nice morning nap. So after concluding his display of irritation, he decided it would really just be easier to go back to sleep and try to salvage the rest of the morning. 

Mr Alligators Morning

Mr Alligators Morning

Mr Alligators Morning

Mr Alligators Morning

Mr Alligators Morning

Mr Alligators Morning

Mr Alligators Morning

Mr Alligators Morning

Mr Alligators Morning

49 thoughts on “Mr. Alligator’s Morning

    • And astonishingly, he’s real too. Two different people stopped and asked me that yesterday morning. I suggested to one woman that she wade out there and squeeze his nose to find out.

    • Nice view down the old throat right Sylvia?! 😀 He wasn’t yelling, he got that out of the way earlier. He was probably just showing off for the tourists. 🙂

  1. Love his vocal display. He looks about as active as a large lump of cement, textured to look like Mr. Alligator – and with a nap smile, of course! Boy, what a big guy!

    • I had a few people ask me if it was a ‘real alligator’. I told them it was rubber and that if they wanted to find out for sure they should go out and squeeze his nose. 😛
      These guys love to lay around and do a lot of nothing. Nice life.

  2. That next to last shot makes him look even more reptilian than usual… what a very large mouth he has. I sure wouldn’t be poking him on the nose.

    • He was good size but there is one back in the swamp I have only caught occasional glimpses of…he has a huge old head like a T Rex and has to be close to 12 feet long. I have only some scattered photos of that big guy he doesn’t show himself very often.

    • At least somebody around there knows what they are doing…the gator knows it wants to sleep away the morning and he has the right idea. Nice life. 😀
      Glad you enjoyed these pics!

    • He has a lot of room in that mouth for all sorts of tasty snacks, One caught a raccoon the other night and was swimming around in the salt marsh of all places with it.

  3. Good grief! That is some warning! He really didn’t need to be vocal about it, did he? I’m not surprised the other alligator pushed off, Phil!

    • I think at first the other gator was planning to join our boy on his spot in the sun but then decided that was not going to work well at all. Doing a slow but deliberate swim by was the best plan in this case.

  4. Oh, Phil! I don’t know which I like more, the characters in your photos, or the stories you tell about them. Fabulous.

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