Happy Bird…Unhappy Fish

Last week there was a great blue heron still fishing in the marsh pond just at sunset. I’m sure the bird was quite happy that he stayed out late in hopes of getting a last minute meal before calling it a night, because that strategy worked out fine. The fish… well not so much. The evening would have gone much better for the fish if the blue heron had quit sooner!

GBH Fishing Late In The Marsh

30 thoughts on “Happy Bird…Unhappy Fish

  1. Nice shot again. Life is cheap in your marsh! It’s interesting that the herons in your marsh let you get so close. Yesterday I went up north and there was one heron that fly off about 150 yards from me and another was probably skittish at 250 yards.

    • Thanks glad you liked this shot. The herons do let me get quite close but they tend to draw the line at annoying tourists with screaming children. The herons will often leave until it gets quiet again then come back.
      I had an anhinga fly into this location last night and I could have reached out and grabbed him as he approached he was that close. Later I got a shower as he shock off water. 🙂

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