Time Lapse Of Clouds And Tide

Here is a 39 second time lapse video I took yesterday afternoon at the salt marsh. You can see that as the clouds roll on by, the tide comes gradually flowing in…eventually covering up the oyster beds completely. There are some very brief appearances by wood storks and egrets as well.

34 thoughts on “Time Lapse Of Clouds And Tide

        • I’ve found that I like vimeo better then you tube because the view is larger and the quality a bit better. But they really drive hard at you to pay the $10 a month fee rather then try to stick with the free version.
          I’m glad you enjoyed viewing the vid.

    • We are also getting abnormally high and fast tides due to the current full moon situation. Once that tide starts coming it really moves!
      Glad you enjoyed the TL, thanks.

    • I’m really happy you liked this Gunta! You definitely should try a TL they are fun.
      I have tried them here at our beaches and believe it or not the waves in time lapse didn’t end up looking like a whole heck of a lot, I’m sure they it would be more dramatic on your coast. But for me now clouds and sunsets and stuff like that seems to work best. Might try a crowd of people if I find the right spot at some point though.

    • Yeah you really should give it a try Andrew they are a lot of fun to make and can even be a bit addictive once you get started. Thanks for checking this out and glad you liked it!

  1. Fascinating how the clouds make eveything appear in monochrome, then we see the lovely splashes of colour as the cloud briefly breaks!

    • Yes it gets odd out there sometimes with dark clouds and overcast sky. I made a few still shots and thought for a moment I had accidently set my camera to take monochrome images.
      I appreciate you looking Maggie!

    • Thanks very much I’m glad you liked this TL vid! We had an abnormally high tide this past weekend and once the water started coming in it really came in fast. Other times it practically crawls.

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