Dancing And Prancing In The Marsh

Yesterday morning we were tremendously entertained by this tricolored heron that was performing a routine in the marsh pond. He was sticking his wings up and running all around presumably hunting for food but I never saw him actually catch anything, he seemed to be more interested in putting on a display for everyone. Naturally our friend Mr. Alligator was in the audience and enjoying the show, although he appeared less then impressed. It takes quite a lot to impress an alligator so I’m sure the tricolored was not disappointed in the lack of reaction. Often, no reaction from an alligator is a good thing anyway from the perspective of the small waders!

Finally the little tri settled down and wandered off along the edge of the pond to continue his hunt for breakfast with a much calmer approach. 

Tricolor Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Tricolor Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Tricolor Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Tricolor Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Tricolor Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Tricolor Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Tricolor Fishing in the Marsh Pond

Tricolor Fishing in the Marsh Pond

50 thoughts on “Dancing And Prancing In The Marsh

    • This guy was putting on a heck of a show for sure. There were a couple other tris in the area at the time and they were not behaving like this at all. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed these!

  1. Loved this…and the last picture had this song going through my head…(not just because the order made it look like the gator had something to do with the bird’s change of direction).

  2. He seems to be looking down all the time – do you think he was watching his reflection in that lovely clear water, Phil? He might be something of a narcissist!

    • Normally I would assume he was looking for his usual small fish but this guy did seem more interested in putting on a display then in catching food. Maybe he really did like how he looked this morning. 🙂

    • It was well done choreography wasn’t it?! Yes indeed, very few things take place in the marsh without our resident reptiles knowing about it. 🙂 They like to stay on top of current events.

    • Yeah that’s the thing with those alligators Sylvia, they always act like they are so unimpressed by everything so it’s tough to know when a performance has really hit a high note with them. You probably would not want to play piano for them as they can often appear unappreciative. Doesn’t mean they don’t like it, that just their stoic nature. 🙂

    • Yeah well I can understand that, they have been known to dine out of residential fish ponds often to the consternation of the owners. Not so much these little guys maybe, but the great blue herons…oh yes, guilty!

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