Alligator Out For An Evening Walk

This past weekend I noticed our old pal Mr. A poking his nose out from the edge of the marsh pond clearly with thoughts of taking a little walk. It didn’t totally surprise me that he wanted to take a pleasant Sunday stroll, but what I did find interesting was that he was dragging what appeared to be approximately ten pounds of pond weeds around with him. That had to have been quite a burden too because when he got to the other side of the roadway, he needed to lay his chin down for a brief rest before moving on. Once he made his way into the salt marsh though, all the weeds got washed away and he was free to enjoy a nice leisurely swim. 

Alligator Out For An Evening Walk

Alligator Out For An Evening Walk

Alligator Out For An Evening Walk

Alligator Out For An Evening Walk

49 thoughts on “Alligator Out For An Evening Walk

    • Thanks much, glad you liked that. The gulls are likely safe but the raccoons… we saw an alligator (maybe this one) that had a raccoon last week in this same area.

    • That look is all the rage in Paris this summer. And yes, welcome to Fashion Blog!
      But don’t think I will shy away from the controversial topics. Tomorrow’s post will be… Egret Feathers, They Really Do Look Better On The Bird Then On Your Hat
      Get ready for the fur to fly! Faux fur of course. Oooo more controversy!

    • That tactic might have worked last week when we saw an alligator (maybe this one?) with a raccoon. 😯
      Thanks for checking these out Gracie and glad you like ’em!

    • Heh heh, except… in their world size is everything. That’s one reason why I prefer to photograph animals rather then people. An alligator is never going to complain that I made him look fat. In fact he would *prefer* I make him look as large as possible to impress his friends. 🙂
      Thanks for checking out these pics!

    • Oh no! Say it ain’t so! You are now one of *those* people, who along with me are being sucked into the whole alligator/cuteness cult. Who or what can save us?! 😀

    • He did look quite spiffy in that week look coat Sylvia! There is one trendy Manhattan boutique that currently offers this selection, I’ll try to get the address for you and possibly they can FedEx it out to you immediately! 🙂

    • It can be an amazing experience to see them walking around Paua, they are the closest thing we have to a living dinosaur when you see them on land. I had one walk right toward me last night! Fun! 🙂

  1. Mr. A took quite the constitutional. I think number two is a real hoot with him highsteppin’. 🙂

    Although not entirely alligator related, the beginning of this fast food fantasy made me think of your favorite subject, Phil.

    • I won’t tell him you called him ‘Twinkletoes’, that’s the kind of thing that if it gets around he may get made fun of by his friends and that makes him grumpy and a grump gator is no good for anybody. 🙂

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