“There Has To Be A Fish In There Somewhere…”

Lately the marsh pond has become inundated with widgeon grass, which is a submerged plant that is able to grow and thrive in brackish water. This aquatic plant provides a habitat in which many small invertebrates can grow, which in turn provide food for birds and alligators, that’s the good part. However, the grass can also cause fits for some of the wading birds who invariably come up with a beak full of grass along with their fish. This morning we saw a tricolored heron in exactly that predicament. The bird got his fish but needed to hold on to the fish as it separated out the grass and dropped it back into the water while keeping control of the small wriggling fish. 

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Grass

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Grass

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Grass

Tricolored Heron Fishing in Marsh Grass

29 thoughts on ““There Has To Be A Fish In There Somewhere…”

    • Thanks very much Sylvia and we enjoyed a nice quiet FoJ. I made crab cakes! 🙂
      We did not however, invite any of those pesky alligators over for the festivities.

    • I’m happy you liked these photos Deb! This is the worst I have seen the grass in years. I suspect it has to do with the level of salt in the pond dropping due to it being diluted with rain water. A higher salt content (which comes in from the salt marsh) would keep down the weeds. It may be with us until winter kills it off, then next year who knows?
      The ducks like to eat it but we don’t have any ducks this time of year and besides we would need approx. 60,000 ducks to make a dent in the grass. 🙂

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the photos and the story of our weed filled pond.
      The alligators do not like the grass and an unhappy alligator is no good for anybody.

    • It’s particularly tough for the alligators who are used to doing a slow glide along clear water using only a little tail motion to propel them. Now they have to slog through this mess using their legs. Too much work.

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