Dropping In Unexpectedly…Part II

Here is the follow up to the post from earlier this week showing what happened after a juvenile spoonbill dropped into the salt marsh right next to an adult that was already in there feeding…

At first I thought the adult was happy to see the young spoonie, but it quickly became apparent that the older bird was in no mood to share his hot fishing spot with the upstart youngster. The juvie was chased on several occasions just to make the message clear, but eventually they both settled down and seemed to mostly get along.

Notice how much more pale pink in color the juvenile is compared to the adult who also has the adult red eye while the youngster’s eyes are still dark. Also you can see how the color and vibrancy of the birds change as the late evening sun goes in and out. 

Adult Spoonie Chases Juvie

Adult Spoonie Chases Juvie

Adult Spoonie Chases Juvie

Adult Spoonie Chases Juvie

Adult Spoonie Chases Juvie

Adult Spoonie Chases Juvie

Adult Spoonie Chases Juvie

50 thoughts on “Dropping In Unexpectedly…Part II

  1. Well, if that is not a feed envy, what then? Nice if they at least have found both some food. These beaks and feather colors are so beautiful! ▲

    • There is not all that much difference in size between by this time, it’s more likely that the adults get a bit cranky and don’t always want the kids around creating a mess.
      One of the biggest differences in the ages at this point is the juvies still have the white fluffy head while the adults start to get that bald (and greenish) old man head, plus the adults get a crimsom ‘wing drip’ eventually too.

    • Yes tons of pink! Thanks for checking out these photos and glad you like them!
      Sadly, that photo of the miserable looking spoonie in the rain from Tue. was the last time I have seen any from the group of five that we had last weekend. 😦 Looks like they left the area.

  2. We do tend to get a little grumpier with age. Guess that is true of the spoonies too. Image #3 with the dancing on water act makes me think there must have been a grebe in someone’s past. 🙂

  3. Once again, Phil, you’ve given us the most excellent photos of these two bickering birds. I’m bowled over by the gorgeous pink reflections. So they’re just like us…..they fade away as they get older. 😀

    • Well I can tell you one thing that is just like us (well us males anyway) as they age they lose more and more hair
      (head feathers). Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. 😛 😀

  4. That is one persistent youngster! It is so interesting to see the differences between the young and adult birds and to see how really beautiful the young one will become. The reflections in the water are lovely!

  5. The little guy is probably much the same as kids anywhere, they can annoy their elders and be a nuisance. 😀
    Thanks for checking these out Maggie and I’m glad you like them!

  6. How amusing they are when they bicker! I haven’t seen this behavior too often but always enjoy it. Thanks for making me smile with these wonderful photos!

    • Glad you enjoyed these spoonie pics Andrew. That adult was being a bit of a bully and I thought it might have been the parent of the youngster and now that I think of it…quite possibly it was. 🙂

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