They’re Back!

Well…technically I don’t believe it is our previous pink visitors who have returned, I suspect these two juvenile spoonbills that appeared in the salt marsh yesterday afternoon were new arrivals and not part of the group of five we had last week.

These two appeared to be somewhat older then the other two youngsters from last week. Comparing photos of each it seems that this pair from yesterday are developing some facial and head colorations that last week’s younger ones did not have. Although these two still have yet to develop the adult red colored eye, their age in general appears a bit more advanced then the juvies from last week.

The last time I saw any of our first spoonies was the one I photographed in the heavy rain Tuesday. We still hope those original spoonbills return at some point but in the meantime we were quite pleased to see this pair out feeding in the salt marsh along with their wood stork and ibis buddies yesterday! 

Spoonbills Feeding in Salt Marsh

Spoonbills Feeding in Salt Marsh

Spoonbills Feeding in Salt Marsh

Spoonbills Feeding in Salt Marsh

Spoonbill Flight

Spoonbill Flight

48 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. On the first photo … can it be that the left spoonbill kisses the right spoonbill the feets? Hello? What’s going on there? 😳

    Very nice pictures, dear Phil, like allways. ▲

  2. You are lucky, indeed, to have these youngsters showing up. Here’s hoping for more of these lovely, colorful birds to visit your swamp. (For us to enjoy through your great images.)

    • We were quite happy when these two youngsters showed up yesterday. We had not seen any from that first group since Tue. and we were concerned we might not see any for a while.
      Thanks so much Gunta, I’m very happy you enjoy the spoonbill photos!

    • We are fortunate that we get a variety of wildlife to observe and photograph, it does keep us coming back for more.
      I don’t spend quite that much time there but some of those alligators are starting to look maybe juuuuust a bit too familier!. 😀
      Thanks for checking these out Sylvia and glad you like ’em!

    • They are quite colorful and that pink really makes them stand out. It almost seems like a color that should not naturally occur in nature but it sure does! I think the pink text might stand out just a bit too. 🙂

  3. I love the reflections in the first ones, the shots of those beautifully coloured wings in flight in the last ones, in fact, I love them all! Just the sight of these gorgeous birds makes me smile! Thank you, Phil!

    • Thanks, glad you liked these.
      I did spend a lot of time working on a complex algorithm to predict when we would be most likely to see the pink birds considering all possible variables. I tried it out yesterday. I saw zero spoonbills. 😕 🙂

  4. Glad to see that you are in the pink again (do people still use that expression?). Your shots continue to astound and amaze me as you provide us with a daily fix of images that are incredible in both a technical and artistic sense.

    • I’m glad you liked these photos Emily and I don’t know about those wood storks. They certainly have a face only a mother could love but they always seem so stoic it’s hard to figure them out. 🙂

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