Anhinga Fly And Fish

Recently I grabbed these shots of an anhinga as it flew past the tree line and then swooped down looking for a spot to land along the edge of the marsh pond. Once settled in and satisfied with his base of operations, the anhinga hopped into the water and did what he does best…spearing a fish dinner! 

Anhinga Flying In

Anhinga Flying In

Anhinga Fly and Fish

36 thoughts on “Anhinga Fly And Fish

  1. Hey thanks Phil. Great shots. Nice to see what an anhinga in flight looks like! Now I wish you could identify the fish they catch for dinner. 🙂 Seems they like a variety of types?!?!

    • I’m really happy you enjoyed these anhinga pics Deb! Yes they do catch several different varieties of fish, I believe this one is a small “Spot” but not 100% positive.

  2. I So that’s what an Anhinga looks like in flight – very impressive! I love the detail of this bird against the background. These shots are beautiful, Phil!

    • Thank you Maggie and I’m glad to hear you liked seeing the flight photos of the anhinga. I have many photos in my files of anhingas fishing but surprisingly few flight shots that’s a big reason why I thought it a good idea to post these up here. 🙂

    • I think it’s likely the angle because I always thought the D-c Cormorant was a slightly stockier bird then the anhinga who is actually kind of a slim bird. I’m happy we still have some anhingas around because they are a blast to watch and photograph! 🙂

  3. A wonderful sequence…thank you. I finally consulted my bird book because I recognized the bird but not the name. I know it as a Darter and….lo and behold…. for the first time ever I noticed the scientific name (in tiny pale print)…anhinga!
    Live and learn, eh Ray? 🙂

    • You mean catching the fish? I talk (yell) at them all the time to catch a fish when they are in the perfect spot (for me to get pics) and always feel they look at me like…”if you think it’s so easy pal, you jump in here and catch a fish with the end of your nose!”

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