All Kids Love To Play In The Water!

It seems to be a universal concept with kids everywhere, all over the world… they love to play and splash around in the water! And what kid can resist jumping in a mud puddle?! This young alligator last night looked to be having a great time sloshing all around in the marsh. Of course for him it was less play and more eat, but the concepts are similar I think. πŸ™‚ And then naturally, after a kid is done jumping around in the muddy water, he curls up a bit, puts on an innocent lookΒ and checks to see if he is in trouble for his youthfulΒ indiscretions!Β 

Alligator Playing Water

Alligator Playing Water

Alligator Playing Water

Alligator Playing Water

Alligator Playing Water

Alligator Playing Water

Alligator Playing Water

51 thoughts on “All Kids Love To Play In The Water!

  1. One of the cool things you do with your posts is give these guys personality. The general opinion of crocs and gators is something a little less than personable and more sinister. It’s nice to see the brighter side of them, Phil.

    • Thank you very much Steve and I’m so happy you recognized that aspect of my photos and stories. These animals are not at all what people often think of them. They can be quite docile and wish to avoid human contact (which is smart) so not the savage predator many might think. We also believe they are much more intelligent then given credit, and have individual personalities.

  2. Wow these are beautiful Phil! Amazing to catch a reptile being ‘playful’, and the last shot is amazing – such beautiful markings and light. I’ve posted something for you on my blog, by the way. πŸ˜‰

    • After he gets done splashing in that mud though he will need another bath. And will likely get it if he goes over to the freshwater pond to rinse off. πŸ˜€
      Thanks Mike!

    • You do have to keep in shape out there Sylvia. You can’t have the other big guys picking on you so if it takes some aerobics well so be it. πŸ™‚
      Thanks I am glad you enjoyed these.

    • Thanks Larry, I’m very happy you liked these gator pics! It seems that often the younger, 5 footers, can be fairly colorful. (see today’s post for another one) But by the time they get to be 8 footers or so they are the more typical grey and black in color.

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