Morning Activity In The Marsh Pond

There was some bird and alligator activity this morning in the marsh pond, and even though it was out a good distance, I had to grab a few shots of the ‘action’.  A group of white ibis were paying only token attention to a little alligator that was feeding in the area. The two ibis on the left however paid no attention at all to the gator as it went back and forth behind them…they simply continued on with their naps.

About ten minutes later most of the ibis had flown off but a spoonbill arrived to join the remaining two. They kept a bit of an eye on the alligator as it continued to work the area for fish, but once it started to move off, the spoonbill and ibis went right back to their own feeding!

Alligator Ibis Spoonbill

Alligator Ibis Spoonbill

Alligator Ibis Spoonbill

Alligator Ibis Spoonbill

Alligator Ibis Spoonbill

Alligator Ibis Spoonbill

18 thoughts on “Morning Activity In The Marsh Pond

    • The birds usually seem to always have a good idea if an alligator in on the hunt (for them). It’s the ones that sneak up under the water that the birds need to worry about, these top floaters are pretty much OK.
      Thanks I’m glad you like these!

    • I think the alligators would LOVE their own theme music! I should get a sound system put up out there. 🙂
      The alligator was really as close as he looked, but the birds knew fish was it’s target not them.

    • Those birds always seem to know when to really watch out for the gators. It’s the sneaky under water ones they need to worry about.
      Thanks, glad you enjoyed these pics Amy!

  1. Great photos, Phil. I’m sure those birds do keep a watchful eye on Mr ‘Gator, just in case he suddenly decides to try a taste of feathers rather than fish scales. There are two ‘gators in your last pic, right?

    • Thank you Sylvia I’m so glad you liked these photos and story. The birds seem to knew when they need to be especially careful around an alligator and it’s generally the ones that sneak up under the water that mean business.
      Good eye! You are 100% correct, there is indeed a second little guy in that last photo in the lower left corner! 😀

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