“I’m Hot…I’m Tired…Don’t Bother Me”

The weather is really starting to heat up here along the South Carolina coast and even the animals are beginning to feel it. This young alligator in the marsh pond yesterday dozed off right in the middle of swimming, so even the water is already too warm! He had been gliding along sort of hunting for food, but then suddenly just quit and shut it off. It’s like the poor little guy’s batteries just wore down. Plus he had that look that I took to mean everybody is better off just leaving him alone…

Hot Little Alligator

44 thoughts on ““I’m Hot…I’m Tired…Don’t Bother Me”

  1. Oh my, He really did just quit! His little eyes just say “done”. He reminds me of how squirrels go completely “flat” when they rest. The poor guy is about as flat as he can get there in the water.

    • He really did go ‘squirrel flat’. 😆 I often see these guys get relaxed but never saw a youngster just totally wear down right in front of me like that. 🙂

  2. It must be nice to be able to just float around without much of a care and catch a few zzzz’s when the urge strikes. With the heat we are experiencing it is pretty tempting during my work day to just nod off…lucky fella. And a very nice image too, Phil.

    • He has the right idea Steve… in between naps float around in the water trying to stay as cool as possible and only occasionally making a halfhearted grab for a fish.
      Thanks very much for checking out this photo and glad you like it.

    • Our only problem with the occasional rain we may get is that rather then cooling things down, it often only raises the humidity. 😦 Actually though we have been very fortunate up until recently, it has not been near as hot as other summers. But this little gator kind of went into puppy mode and reached the point where he had it, no more activity, I’m done. 🙂

  3. Amazing being able to snooze and float at the same time. Clever boy. He actually looks quite well camouflaged too. Although we can see him, his colours blend in so well with the water, the plants, and the reflection of the sun.

    • At least somebody out there knows what they are doing. He does a snooze and float while I do a bake and burn.
      Yes he sure blends in well in that environment. He is currently residing in an area we affectionately call “Baby Cove”.

    • Yes we figured it was wise to just let him sleep and get through the warm day as best he can. But he doe shave the right idea for sure.
      Thanks very much Adrian glad you enjoyed this!

    • I know, you folks have the cool weather now while we bake and broil! I’ll talk to him but I know the reptiles usually choose sun and warm temps given the options. 🙂
      Thanks Hans!

  4. I had a similar feeling yesterday. Almost fell asleep through the most boring web video conference. At least this young gator lad was able to have his nap. 🙂

    • I have never been a very good napper. This youngster on the other hand fell asleep right in the middle of swimming.
      Good for him!
      Thanks for looking and commenting David!
      The BIG boys were out last night! 😯

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