“‘Gator, what ‘Gator…?”

Oh, THAT ‘gator! Last week we saw this snowy egret picking around in the marsh pond under close watch by our pal Mr. Alligator. In the first two photos snowball is just paying attention to the little fish in the water and not at all to his surroundings. By the third photo it looks like he spotted Mr. A, and snaps his head back to attention as seenΒ in the last photo. So what happened? Well Mr. A just continued on with his lazy glide across the pond expressing no further interest in the little snowy who was now joined by his friend the tricolored heron. And everyone lived happily ever after. πŸ™‚Β 

Alligator and Snowy

Alligator and Snowy

Alligator and Snowy

Alligator and Snowy

Alligator and Snowy

47 thoughts on ““‘Gator, what ‘Gator…?”

    • Heh heh well I promise not to spring a horror movie ending on you with no advance warning. This time everyone went merrily on their way…this time.
      Thanks M I’m glad you liked these pics!

    • The birds really do seem to know when to be on high alligator alert. I think they also realize that the gator a bird needs to watch out for most is the one you can’t see because it’s lurking silently under the water.
      Thanks for checking these out.

    • Not only do they often get very close, I have seen them working together. Well sort of working together. If a gator is sloshing around getting the fish all stirred up this can actually attract birds who hope to be able to take advantage of the panicked fish.

  1. They may be playing with gator fire but probably the gators would gag on all those feathers. So you say they may even work together. After the waders get a nice meal from the gator stirring up the water do they clean his teeth for him? πŸ™‚

  2. Mr. A just cruised on by this time. Really like the shot where snowy has his head cocked when he “sees”!

    • Perhaps surprisingly, the alligators are much more likely to seek out fish and crabs then the birds. Although… there was a recent incident involving a raccoon. 😯

    • Very rarely will an alligator grab a bird, they generally rely on fish and crabs. The birds are quite fast and can be 30 feet away in the blink of an eye so Mr. A would need to go into stealth mode and stay under the water to hunt.
      Glad you like these photos!

    • In the photo where the snowy snapped it’s head up it certainly looked like it Lucy. We thought that maybe snowball was paying no attention to the alligator which would have been unusual.

    • I really think they do Maggie! I have seen many times where some will act certain ways only around certain other animals and that behavior is repeated so they must know what they are doing.

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