The Big Guns Were Out!

Yesterday late afternoon we had some thunder storms with heavy rain move into our area. By evening the storms had blown by and we decided to go check out the marsh pond specifically to see if any alligators might be out. We know that frequently after a rain, alligators will come out because they like to swim around in the newly freshened pond with a higher water level due to the rain.

Well not only were some out but the BIG boys were out! The heavy artillery, the big guns, the battleships, whatever you want to call them they were out and swimming all over the pond area. Most of you have seen me post photos of the babies recently (we refer to any alligator 5 feet and under as a “baby”) but the youngsters were nowhere to be seen. It was adult swim with no kids allowed last night! 

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

Big Alligators in the Marsh Pond Late

52 thoughts on “The Big Guns Were Out!

  1. Aagh! Just wonderful. But definitely not cute. Totally the reverse of the babies. These are evil looking monsters much as I love your gators.. And the water looks superb on all of them.

    *Keeps hand away and decides not to stroke*

    • Well they may not be exactly cute… but maybe how about impressive? That could work right? The water was about the best I could get it to look due to the low light and the dark alligators, the exposures were giving me fits.
      Good plan to keep your hands tucked away like the babies were last night.

  2. Maybe the water was too high or too deep and she had not made any swimming tests? 😛 Next time, for sure!

    • If you got two and trained them really well I bet you could get them to swim side by side with you laying on your back on top of them as they slowly glide along. Not THAT would be worth seeing!!
      Humm… maybe that’s not the best idea, I’ll keep thinking and try to come up with something…
      Thanks for checking these out and glad you liked ’em!

        • It could a damper on the class if all of a sudden we couldn’t locate one of the participants.
          Has anyone seen Mrs. McGillicuddy?! Oh dear, I hope she wasn’t dragged under by one of those sneaky alligators! 😯 😀

  3. YIKES!!!!! That is more gators than I see in a month or two! Quite hogging the gators—send them south.
    What was the size of the biggest one? I absolutely love the horizontal lines the the second to last shot. That one speaks of stealth! Most of the others are the stuff nightmares are made from. Excellent camera work.

    • There was a BIG crowd (in every sense of the word) out last night which I hoped would be the case because I have seen that before when after a good rain the alligators like to go for a nice swim in the higher water.
      Thanks very much for your kind comments Larry I appreciate it and I’m happy you liked these photos!
      If the pond level drops again and the widgeon grass continues to grow they may wish they were farther south.

  4. Oh, I love this collection! My favorite photo is third from the bottom, with the beautiful striations in the water. That’s really one gorgeous photo. I’ve got another post lined up for my next one, but then I’m going to be writing a little about alligators. The title? “The Day We Didn’t Die!”

    I think part of the reason I love them so much is because I grew up with Walt Kelly and Pogo. Albert was a different kind of alligator. 😉

    • Well I’m very happy you enjoyed seeing our big boys from last night! I’ll be checking for your upcoming alligator post too.
      Yes that Albert was a little different for sure. 🙂
      Thanks very much for looking!

  5. They definitely have that “Don’t mess with me” look in their eyes. What intimidating creatures these heavyweights are. 😯 Your photos never cease to amaze me, Phil.

    • A couple of the real nice size ones would chase off the smaller ones and by smaller ones I mean around six feet so still a good size boy that is normally the chaser not the chased!

    • Well I’m very happy you decided to stop in and check on what our alligator pals were up to! Hope you had a great vacation and thanks much for looking and commenting!

  6. You weren’t joking. I bet the little ones were hiding. They know better! Those guys are really big. Beautiful photographs.

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