“The Look”

Saturday morning we spent quite a while watching this roseate spoonbill in the marsh pond. During most of that time the spoonie was standing on one leg with it’s bill tucked behind his back, napping. About the most action we saw was when it would occasionally wake up and preen a bit before going back to sleep. But I really wanted some action photos, hopefully including some flight shots, so I waited him out figuring he had to get up at some point and likely fly off to the far back edge of the pond where a lot of the wood storks were congregating.

Finally our fluffy pink friend woke up and then I saw it…the look. I knew from prior experience watching these birds that they often get a certain almost imperceptible look about them when they are preparing to takeoff. Sure enough, he angled his head toward me then back straight ahead. He did this little bit of a drop down in preparation for liftoff, and that was it, he took flight!

He did indeed fly off toward the far back end of the pond where he joined his wood stork friends in a tree, but I got the shots I wanted…patience paid off! 🙂

Spoonbill Morning Takeoff

Spoonbill Morning Takeoff

Spoonbill Morning Takeoff

Spoonbill Morning Takeoff

Spoonbill Morning Takeoff

Spoonbill Morning Takeoff

39 thoughts on ““The Look”

  1. Good wildlife photography is often about fieldcraft and knowing your subject. Congratulations Phil. I wonder if the bird thought: I recognise what he’s doing….. he’s going to take the photo just as I take off. So predictable!!

    • That’s funny Andrew because it is pretty much what we thought after the bird left. We were imagining it saying…
      “OK here you go I’m about to take off so if you are paying attention you can get the shots, if not tough luck.”

  2. I’m planning a trip to the park this weekend and found your blog. enjoyed looking at all your Photographs. Now I’m really excited about the trip and the wonderful birds I might see.

    • Yes we do realize we are fortunate to be able to view such a wide variety of wildlife close and in the wild. I never post zoo or captive animals, I like to keep it on the wild side.

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