Addressing The Troops

We had a huge crowd of wood storks in the marsh pond yesterday morning. At one point an egret was parading back and forth in front the group as if it was inspecting the troops. Of course the wood storks, being a rather odd looking bunch, look about as much like an alien invasion as they do any sort of military troop. It is fun and interesting to see them all lined up like that though. 🙂

Sharp eyed observers may also spot one adult and two juvenile little blue herons in front of the assembly…

Big Group of Wood Storks

39 thoughts on “Addressing The Troops

    • Well there were even more then are pictured here, couldn’t fit them all in the frame. But we sure have a lot in the area now. I seem them flying along over the highway all the time.

  1. Hmmmm….I guess the birth rate thereabouts must have just exploded with all those delivery storks hanging around. 🙂
    Love the title, Phil. Cool image and I do see the little blues too.

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