Portraits Of A Perched Anhinga

Earlier this weekend I was surprised to see this anhinga come swooping in and land on the end of a branch that was sticking out of the marsh pond just below my position. It had a heck of a time trying to balance itself on the very tip of the branch and I thought it had no shot…but…sure enough it managed to steady itself fairly well. The bird ended up staying perched there for about two minutes before it took off.  I had just enough time to grab a couple shots of this anhinga who clearly thought he was striking a couple of elegant poses for his portrait pics!

Anhinga Perched

Anhinga Perched

41 thoughts on “Portraits Of A Perched Anhinga

    • Thanks very much Steve! Well I have to speak with his parents and see if I can talk them into ordering a whole package deal. So far they have offered a fish with two puncture holes in it as payment. Not sure that has the proper appeal. 😛 🙂

    • Thanks. I had thoughts, but I remembered the last time I tried a balancing move at the edge of the swamp and came very close to falling in along with my gear and in full view of several alligators.

  1. Striking feather detail and branch (which is color-coordinated with the anhinga…lol) against the color of the water. A person could not have arranged all this if they tried! What a portrait.

    • I was glad I at least had a minute or two to photograph it after it landed. I don’t normally spend a lot of time on perched birds as I prefer action but I did like the setting on this one. Thanks!

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