“This Pond Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us!”

Yesterday afternoon we were watching this one spoonbill calmly feeding on the far opposite edge of the pond. Suddenly another younger spoonbill arrived and landed about 50 yards from the first spoonie and  picked out a spot of it’s own to do a little feeding. Well the older spoonbill immediately flew over to the new arrival’s location, we thought, to greet his friend which we assumed it would be happy to see.

But not so…the older spoonbill was not at all happy to have the competition and proceeded to chase off the poor youngster, who ended up flying across the pond to hopefully gain some sympathy from a crowd of wood storks who generally seem quite pleased to have a spoonbill join the group. 

Also…notice how in the last two photos spoonie applied the brakes after concluding that his work here was done!

Spoonbill Chases Juvie Across Pond

Spoonbill Chases Juvie Across Pond

Spoonbill Chases Juvie Across Pond

Spoonbill Chases Juvie Across Pond

Spoonbill Chases Juvie Across Pond

Spoonbill Chases Juvie Across Pond

Spoonbill Chases Juvie Across Pond

Spoonbill Chases Juvie Across Pond

59 thoughts on ““This Pond Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us!”

    • Yes a very pretty pink but that one bird has a real attitude problem. We have been watching that same one for a few days now and he seems to have sort of an aggressive loner personality. He doe snot seem to play well with others.

  1. The pecking order is always there, isn’t it? i notice this among the horses at the barn, our cats, etc. GREAT colors. Poor little guy though!

    • Yes that’s true we see that in everything from fish to alligators, it’s often a case of a bigger older guy chasing a smaller younger guy. Our concern is that it’s not like we have so many here we can afford to lose some from being chased away. We want to be more spoonbill friendly around here. 🙂

    • I have seen this several times now, all he does is keep chasing the younger guy around. Well, sometimes he snaps at the little guys legs too. 🙂
      Thanks for checking these out and glad you like ’em!

    • Thank you Deb and yes indeed, the never ending possibility of excitement in nature keeps us going back out there as mush as possible.
      So glad you enjoyed these spoonie pics!

    • He probably did but he got in such a frenzied mood that I guess at that point he didn’t even care. And why I don’t know. The little guy looked like he just wanted a friend. Thanks!

    • Thanks I’m happy you enjoyed these and yes he sure put the brake son at the end there!
      He was being a huge grump, especially since there is plenty of room for lots of birds but I guess just not that one.

  2. This post really made me laugh, Phil. That old spoonie may be really pretty to look at, but he really needs to polish his manners and learn to share his territory. Love the last two ‘braking’ pics. 🙂

    • I don’t see why he can’t (or won’t) share. He did not seem to have a problem with many of the other birds or the little alligators that kept gliding by so why pick on his younger pink friend?!
      Thanks Sylvia!

  3. This should be a masterpiece, dear Phil. Fascinated me. The nature world is great and your photography is great too, I loved them so much, Thank you, love, nia

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