Feeding Frenzy!

Yesterday afternoon as the tide started to come in at the salt marsh it brought fish in with it. The fish brought in wood storks and egrets with the wood storks arriving in great numbers which immediately prompted a feeding frenzy to break out among them!

The storks were going crazy chasing the schools of fish coming in with the tide and chasing each other. Occasionally one of the storks would snag a good sized mullet and it would fly off from the herd to, hopefully, be able to consume it’s prize catch unmolested by other storks. Although they are quite large birds, I rarely see a wood stork with a big fish, but they were sure happily snatching them up yesterday.

When the whole herd decided it was time to move off down the marsh I can tell you that the sight and sound of well over 100 huge wood storks flying together 20 feet from me was an amazing experience! 

Wood Stork Feeding Frenzy

Wood Stork Feeding Frenzy

Wood Stork Feeding Frenzy

Wood Stork Feeding Frenzy

Wood Stork Feeding Frenzy

Wood Stork Feeding Frenzy

Wood Stork Feeding Frenzy

Wood Stork Feeding Frenzy

49 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzy!

  1. I snagged a good sized mullet once. Not a happy biker, I can tell you.

    I imagine the sound of all those stork wings beating must have been loud and impressive. I’ve been in fields with large gatherings of geese and that can be loud….both the cackling and the takeoff. They all seem to be getting along splendidly. Very nice group photos, Phil.

    • Thanks very much Steve. Those wings made an incredibly loud sound when they all took off it was quite a sight too.
      They were getting along surprisingly well considering they were all competing for the same fish. The snowys on the other hand spent most of the time squabbling as usual. 🙂

  2. I believe immediately, that that was an incredible backdrop! Until then, it was probably a “battle of the cold buffet ‘, hm? 😛

    • We had a huge group out there and I went back the next day and there was no repeat of this behavior, so I was glad I was able to grab it while it was happening.
      There were very many unlucky fish in the marsh for sure.

  3. Not much to say except “wow”! I think the closest thing I’ve heard to what you describe is a covey of quail taking off as they’re flushed from out of the brush. Quite startling when you’re not expecting it.

    • We have fairly large numbers of the wood storks in our area now but more often they are standing around in a group, it’s not too often we get the whole feeding frenzy like this. They were on a large school of fish.
      Thanks I’m glad you liked these pics!

  4. Wow you once again had some great day yesterday. Never thought I would be a fan of a woodstork but you have
    changed my mind. I now can see the beauty in them with your photos.

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