Walking The Runway

Last night this roseate spoonbill put on a heck of a show in the salt marsh at low tide which was lit by warm setting sunlight. It suddenly decided to walk, well actually prance, out of a shallow stream of water and out toward me near the oyster beds.

The spoonie looked and acted like a fashion model doing a photo shoot on a runway, and what an extravagant display it was! As soon as I took this last photo, the show was over and the spoonbill walked right back into the water and continued feeding. I have never seen anything quite like this before! 

Spoonbill Walking The Runway

Spoonbill Walking The Runway

Spoonbill Walking The Runway

Spoonbill Walking The Runway

Spoonbill Walking The Runway

Spoonbill Walking The Runway

Spoonbill Walking The Runway

Spoonbill Walking The Runway

76 thoughts on “Walking The Runway

    • It is an amazing bird Deb and along with the big alligators the spoonbills are the only wildlife I have seen that will literally stop traffic.
      I did find a nice pink feather once but gave it to a girl, wish we had it but I’m sure it made the lady happy. 🙂

    • Well I greatly appreciate the very kind words Edith and I’m thrilled you enjoy the photos!
      This one is the older of the ones we have been seeing, it has the red adult eye color while the juveniles have dark eyes still.

    • I was astonished to tell you the truth Molly. I could not at all come up with a reason for this behavior at all. It was if it purposely put on this amazing show, then a minute later was right back to feeding again as if nothing ever happened. Odd, but hey I’ll take it! 😀

    • This one is the grumpy independent loner too, so I was surprised by this well appreciated display. He was feeding with a juvenile and did not really harass the younger bird so I guess Mr. Cranky was in a good mood last night.

    • The light really helped make the scene last night. I try to take advantage of when low tide in the salt marsh coincides with early evening setting sunlight. Add in a pink bird and it all comes together nicely!

  1. Hey, I could use a spoonie (or two) to brighten up my coastal shots. Don’t suppose you’d send one of them over instead of the tourists? That is one fantastic show you caught! It totally seems he strutted his stuff for you. Stranger things have been known to happen…..

  2. I think they think you are just one of the gang since you are there so often. I know it works that way with backyard birds. They give me some amazing expressions and I know it is like they are ‘telling’ me something. Performing for the camera is what she had in mind. Like I said, you are just one of the flock, except you are not pink.

    • Well the alligator in today’s post may have recognized me because he came over to say hello, but didn’t stay long.
      I try to blend in and just be one of the flock, but usually don’t wear pink. 😀

  3. Love the series. Love the muddy legs. Despite his parading, he can’t get away from that! 😉 Is it me, or does he seem to actually be looking at you some of the time?

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