Who Likes A Rainy Day?

Well it turns out that our pal Mr. A loves a rainy day! The falling rain water we got this afternoon will freshen up his pond and make swimming around so much more pleasant. You can even tell by these photos… In the first two when he was coming over to greet me, he looks a little grumpy. But then 10 minutes later when it started to rain you can see how happy he looks gliding along as the rain drops fall around him!  🙂 

Mr A Before The Rain

Mr A Before The Rain

Mr A in the Rain

40 thoughts on “Who Likes A Rainy Day?

    • Well still raining steady here right now and I’m betting the alligators are even more happy as their pond and the swamp get refreshed. Me? I’m not so happy cause I’m kinda stuck inside and am unable to see what they are all up to.

  1. Poor fellow, he even looks sad in the first two photo’s. In the rain-photo, the twinkle in his eye could mean bad news for someone. 🙂 PS : Wonderful as usual, Phil ! Still, I think you’re far too close for your own health 😉 Enjoy the rain, Patricia

    • He does look a bit distressed in those first two doesn’t he?! He was in a fairly decent mood though in terms of allowing me to get in close without giving me hard time. 🙂 More rain today which I’m not enjoying so much though.

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