Coming In Low And Fast

Last week I was watching this osprey as it hunted for fish above the marsh pond. Often the osprey will dive almost straight down feet first into the water in it’s attempt to snag a fish. This one though, tried a slightly different technique…coming in low and fast just above the surface of the water torpedo bomber style.

By the time the osprey came out of the water and I managed to catch back up with the bird as it was gaining altitude further across the pond… I could see it caught no fish on this attempt. Still, the technique appeared to be a solid method that I’m sure will result in many successful catches for this amazing bird of prey. 

Osprey Fishing in Marsh Pond

Osprey Fishing in Marsh Pond

Osprey Fishing in Marsh Pond

Osprey Fishing in Marsh Pond

Osprey Fishing in Marsh Pond

59 thoughts on “Coming In Low And Fast

  1. Great actions/flight/landing shots, Phil. I really like the feet extended just above the water..talons at the ready. Too bad it came up empty but I agree it is only a matter of time.

    • Thank you Deb, glad to hear you liked these osprey photos! No, he came up empty on that attempt, and also got nothing on one other splashdown I saw him make. Next time…

    • I saw this one hit the water twice and strike out both times. I was watching some over the ocean yesterday that had some success but it must not be very easy especially when the fish see the bird coming.

  2. Wow. I am really amazed at your photos. I was recently to a bird sanctuary that had nesting Osprey, but where they hunt is too far for my lens. My flight images are all of them flying away too, not any coming in. You photos are outstanding. Why does this Osprey have an orange/red eye? I looked at your other photos and they are yellow like I am used to seeing.

    • I was at the beach yesterday and one came out of the water flying right toward me with a nice fish in it’s talons, naturally I had no camera but it was cool to see. I think the eye color might depend on the age of the bird and how the sun hits the eye. I have photos where the eyes look orange and some where they are yellow.
      Thanks for checking these out.

  3. Phil, I’m a chatterbox but these photo’s leave me completely speechless. No chance you coming to Belgium to teach, I suppose ? (Deep sigh) they’re gorgeous, Phil. Patricia.

  4. Phil, I have a question for you. Do you get notification in the form of a pingback if someone recommends your blog in their post? I have recently done so, and I expected the lady that runs the challenge to pay you a visit to tell you that, but it seems you were never notified. I have also left you a comment regarding that some time ago, but you never replied. I am sorry if you are too overwhelmed with the traffic. Had I known this, I would never do such a thing. Paula

    • I’m really not sure to tell you the truth Paula, I have seen some pingbacks in the past I believe, but was not sure if there was something I was supposed to do. I’m perfectly fine and appreciate if anyone ever wants to recommend my blog in any way, and would be happy to follow through if some further action on my part is required.

      • I was really upset earlier due to some mess up, and a person that runs a challenge I have decided to abandon. I hate insincerity of any kind and have been lead to believe they are acting as they are saying. My apologies for the harsh tone.

  5. Wonderful images Phil. I haven’t been doing so well keeping up with my likes and comments with all the WordPress issues I’ve been having but I do stop by everyday. How could I not, your work is amazing. 🙂

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