Sometimes It’s Best To Just Move…

Earlier this week our pink spoonbill friend was feeding in the salt marsh at low tide and minding his own business. There were other birds in the area as well, which is typical, and they all mostly get along and try not to get in each other’s way. But at one point spoonie encountered a snowy egret that apparently decided it would not step aside as the spoonbill passed by in the shallow water, and felt the need to get all fluffed up about it. This did not go over well with spoonie at all and he proceeded to explain to snowball that he just better get out of the way if he knows what’s good for him. The snowy got the message and not only got out of spoonie’s way, but left the area entirely! 

Spoonbill Fights with Snowy

Spoonbill Fights with Snowy

Spoonbill Fights with Snowy

Spoonbill Fights with Snowy

Spoonbill Fights with Snowy

Spoonbill Fights with Snowy

Spoonbill Fights with Snowy

48 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Best To Just Move…

  1. Oh my, and I thought Mr. A had a big mouth. The silhouette of Spoonie on the wings of the Whitie in the last photograph is wonderful ! Beautiful photo’s, Phil !

  2. How very funny! Shot #4 is utterly hilarious… like Snowy is thinking ‘I can’t believe you said that!’ Looks like Snowy picked the wrong character to bully this time.

    • Ha! That is what it looks like snowball is thinking! 😀 Those snowys must believe they are five times larger then they really are because they have an attitude that is at least that big.

  3. My gosh, I get more laughs from your blog than from any of the so-called comedians that are roaming this world. This is a wonderful series, from the spiked topknot on the egret to the chattering bill of the spoonie. I absolutely love your photos!

    • Thanks a million for the very kind words and I’m happy you enjoyed the photos. There can be quite a bit of comical activity out there in the marsh at times. That is one thing I try to watch for and hopefully capture. 🙂

  4. Snowy looked like he was making himself as “big” as he could. But those spoonies. I think they are more aggressive and forceful. Really captured the action, love this.

  5. If I has have got the message previously, what funny photos those are, I would have completely covered my face with a handkerchief to catch the tears of laughter! Phil, Phil, Phil … you get the win again and again! 😛

    • Our pink friend represented himself quite well out there, and he is a youngster too. Imagine what would have happened to snowball if the cranky older spoonbill would have been treated like that?! 😀

  6. What a cute series!! You capture the interactions so well and its such fun to see all that personality displayed!! Just a good deal beyond regular nature shots…you give personality and context.

    • Oh snowball is very good at putting on his cool punk rocker look. He must feel it makes him look bigger and tougher but I’m not always sure that works as well as he hopes. Maybe on other snowys but not the larger waders! 🙂

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