Having Fun?

Last week I noticed this great egret rapidly diving down toward the water in the marsh pond. Egrets are wading birds, they don’t normally hunt by flying, swooping, or diving into the water to catch fish. But this bird did not seem to be fishing. In fact it didn’t even stop… the egret splashed around while still running and skipping at the water’s surface until finally lifting off again and flying away. It looked to me like it was simply having a good time and enjoying life! Of course having the ability to fly makes it all the more fun I’m sure. 🙂 

Great Egret Having Fun

Great Egret Having Fun

Great Egret Having Fun

Great Egret Having Fun

Great Egret Having Fun

Great Egret Having Fun

39 thoughts on “Having Fun?

  1. Beautiful photo’s, Phil ! He’s like a child looking at a puddle, a muddy one, and jumping in feet first. The look on his face in that last photo ! He’s simply chuckling.

  2. Such a beautiful white! It’s like Lady Gaga finally let her dress out of the closet to air properly. 😉 (Let’s be honest, with a woman who can wear a meat dress we’re never quite sure what’s actually real and what’s not)

  3. What a great series, Phil. I am sure you are right about him just enjoying life. All that splashing does look like a lot of fun. All nice, but I especially like number two…it really does seem like a playful moment.

    • I’m betting that being able to fly helps almost any playtime be even more fun and exciting! Imagine going to your next backyard cook out and all the guests are able to fly around the yard! Humm…well wait, maybe after a few beers that’s not such a great idea. 😉 Thanks Steve!

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