Evening Stroll

Yesterday evening I saw good old Mr. A sloshing his way across the salt marsh at low tide. I could tell just by looking at him he was not planning to stay there for the night and sure enough, a few minutes later he came lumbering up out of the marsh and took a nice little stroll over to the pond side! 

Mr Alligators Evening Stroll

Mr Alligators Evening Stroll

32 thoughts on “Evening Stroll

    • I’ll mention to him that you thought he looks like he has a very nice personality. I might even see him later tonight. 🙂 Hey, it never hurts to pass along a kind word. 😀

    • He may have had a long day and did not feel like having to deal with me shoving a camera in his face when he was just trying to go back to his pond and relax. But that’s what happens to celebrities, someone is always after them for pictures. 🙂

  1. I just thought he was coming right up to me! Good thing, that he hasn’t eaten you, so near he was up to you! 😉

    • Oh exactly. But…I did get a feeling this guy was not particularly thrilled to have me there shoving a camera in his face when he was just trying to get back to his pond for a relaxing night.

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