Well THAT Was Uncalled For…

This past weekend we were watching an adult spoonbill fishing in the salt marsh with a younger juvenile. At one point the older spoonie decides to grab at the youngster’s tail for no apparent reason that we could see. The little guy lurched forward, jumped, and managed to free his tail and then quickly went right back to fishing as if nothing happened. The older bird seemed satisfied that he got his message across and ultimately just went back to feeding.  I suppose it might be part of growing up… the juvies know they are going to have to put up with a certain amount of harassment from the older crowd and have already learned that the best way to handle the abuse is to basically ignore it! 

Spoonie Bites Spoonie

Spoonie Bites Spoonie

Spoonie Bites Spoonie

Spoonie Bites Spoonie

Spoonie Bites Spoonie

41 thoughts on “Well THAT Was Uncalled For…

  1. LOL! My little dog does that to my bigger dog all the time…then when my bigger dog retaliates she acts like the wounded yet innocent party (BTW, unlike the little one, the big one knows her strength and never hurts her…just gives her a stern, physical “knock it off”). Animals crack me up.

  2. Honestly, if someone would do that with me, I couldn’t ignore it! I wouldn’t ignore it! 😛

    The photos are great again! ▲

    • He was at it again yesterday and it almost got him into trouble (see today’s post) but he is quickly making some serious enemies out there who will not likely forget his antics.

  3. I haven’t seen a bite before like this one… 🙂 made me smile too… But dear Phil, as always what a great photographs you captured, fascinated me all these pinky wings… Thank you, love, nia

    • I think it is all part of a bird’s life in the marsh. In some ways these minor tussles may very well serve as entertainment for them. Anyway they don’t have a lot of options, they can’t just go in and by a movie ticket. 🙂
      Thanks for checking these out!

    • The youngsters look like they have to pay their dues and put up with whatever an older bird decides to dish out.
      And I’m sure they pick up bad habits from their elders. 🙂

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