He’s At It Again!!

Well our cranky dysfunctional loner spoonbill was at it again yesterday in the salt marsh. (that’s him on the right) Mr. Grumpy was feeding at low tide when a group of six spoonbills suddenly came swooping in right at the spot where our anti-social pink friend was already feeding. He did not care for this unannounced intrusion at all and immediately attacked one of the new arrivals!

Mr. Grumpy leapt up in an airborne assault but he miscalculated as the enemy spoonie managed to grab hold of our disgruntled friend’s foot in mid air! This maneuver only served to further anger the cranky pink bird who proceeded to use that same foot to jam the head of his opponent down into the water. You can see that happen in photos five and six. The poor spoonbill was able to avoid being drowned as it quickly freed itself and bolted free of the entanglement with our aggressor still continuing his aggressive stance. 

Spoonbill Fight

Spoonbill Fight

Spoonbill Fight

Spoonbill Fight

Spoonbill Fight

Spoonbill Fight

Spoonbill Fight

72 thoughts on “He’s At It Again!!

  1. These spoonbills should have their own soap opera…or maybe today, reality show. And the cranky pants would be the villain, spoiling everyone’s fun time. I hope his ankle hurts just a little bit due to his attitude! Crazy cool pics, as always (and the text….you know I love the text color).

    • We could steal a title from the current Netflix series , “Orange is the New Black” and call it Pink is the New Black.
      It’s about a ‘rouge’ spoonbill who sees himself outside the law and goes around the marsh creating mayhem.
      Or perhaps a drama about a motorcycle gang…Spoonbills of Anarchy?!
      See these are all great ideas! 😛

  2. I feel bad for the other spoonbills, but ole Grumpy makes for some great actions shots. And best of all, you’re there snapping all this wonderful action!

    • We saw him again yesterday evening…all by himself, which is apparently the way he likes it. But bad for me because then I get no fight photos.
      I’m happy you have been enjoying these spoonie pics!

  3. My goodness, they are brutal! It’s certainly enough food for everyone there, right? But your photos are again very impressive! ▲

    • The thing is that all the others seem to mostly get along fine, it’s this one anti social loner that creates all the problems. Maybe he needs a vacation and a little therapy. 🙂

    • He would deserve that for sure. What a pain this guy is! Everyone else gets along OK. and I have a photo of this guy standing right behind a large alligator. Do you think he gave the gator a hard time? No he did not.

  4. “how many pictures do you need to take of a Spoonbill anyway?” THE BEST ONES!!! Awesome pictures. I am excited about these!! Great job!!

  5. Guess I don’t have to tell you just how great this bunch is do I??? It is always fun to see what you have found
    at the “Swamp Gator”. PS I read that you back up your back up. Hope to see you soon.

    • For big pink goofy birds no they surely do not mess around Sylvia you are right about that! Many times I wish I would have switched over to video at times like these. I need a production crew. 😉 😀

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